Constitution of The National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame

The National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame was formed in 2000 to recognize the accomplishments of drivers and other individuals that have contributed to the sport of dirt Late Model configuration.

For purposes of this organization, the Dirt Late Model terminology is defined as starting in the 1965 time period and progressing to the present. When voting occurs in the driving category, a portion of each career must occur from 1965 and later. It can start, however, earlier but must end following 1965.

The honor of belonging to the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame is accomplished from results of a voting panel. There will be nine honorees from the three categories. Near the end of the season, a ceremony will take place at the Florence Speedway in Union, KY, home of the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame, where the awards will be presented. Candidates not elected will continue to remain on the main ballot for future voting.


Within the NDLMHoF, there are three types of inductees, each of which contributes to the sport in a different manner. The types are Drivers, Contributors, and the Sportsman Award.

All of the inductees are elected by the vote of a Hall of Fame Voting Board on candidates that have been submitted. The voting board consists of voters from all aspects of the Dirt Late Model scene.

The general requirements for the drivers are that they must have at least 30 years in the sport or are retired. Although it was initially required for all drivers to be retired, that no longer is a constraint because experience has shown that many of them never retire. Normally, six (unless a tie) are taken from this category.

The Contributor category includes individuals from all aspects of the sport including promoters, series directors, car builders, engine builders, crew chiefs, car owners, media types, etc. This category provides two inductees.

Finally, there is the Sportsman Award category which inducts one active driver. This inductee, who is also voted on by the Voting Board is an individual who supports the Dirt Late Model sport by working closely with promoters, track owners, sanctioning body heads, helps young and inexperienced drivers, and maybe most importantly, interfaces with the fans. This category is done completely by the Voting Board who both nominates the candidates and then selects the winner.


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